Butane Hash Oil vs Co2 Extraction - Which is better

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Butane Hash Oil vs Co2 Extraction

BHO: This process involves using a closed loop system to keep the much more volatile Butane solvent sealed within The system under vacuum pressure.The Butane is pulled through the base plant material at very low temperatures and under vacuum to extract the active ingredients From the plant material.
Butane however is a broad spectrum solvent unlike Co2, which allows the Butane or propane to extract a much higher percentage Of the sought after active elements as well as a much much larger percentage of the terpenes in the plant material. Because Butane extraction is performed under vacuum those highly individualized characteristics of the strain being used are able To be extracted intact, the full terpene profile , all, the subtle hues of the bud , everything. Co2, despite its claims to the contrary, cannot do this on any effective scale.

Butane residue: anyone who has performed extractions as long as we have or has a chemistry background knows that 90% of the Butane in the extracted oil vapes off to atmosphere in the first 24 hours. At this point , if done by a professional extraction tech, any remaining Butane is purged or cured from the Butane oil in vacuum ovens over the next several days , resulting in a finished product
99.8 free of any solvent.

From here the extracted material goes into the lab to begin the distillation process where we fractionally or molecularly distille the base Oil and filtrate it to produce that sought after pure honey distillate we all love. Any possible residual solvent that could have been left behind from the extraction process is completely eliminated along with all of the unwanted fats , waxes and esthers during the distillation process.

BHO’s biggest bonus is that all those terpenes are still present to be used and enjoyed in the finished distillate, all the ones Obliterated when using the Co2 process.


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