Delta 8 THC: Getting High Without Sticking To The Couch

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Delta 8 THC Vape Pens Explained

Delta 8 THC – Getting High Without Sticking To The Couch

THC has long been known to be the prime psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana; it’s what gets you high. There are those of us who find some of the effects of THC to be drawbacks. For example, I might appreciate the calming effects of Mary Jane but I don’t always like how I am stuck to my couch. Again, I like the “looseness” my mind gets when I toke, but I don’t like all the paranoia and social anxiety that sometimes hitches a ride. I know I am not the only person who feels this way about the magical herb. There are plenty of us who experience a tug of war with the flower and often there are those of us who feel we have to make sacrifices to keep using our favourite plant. What if I told you, you could have the calming effects and the chill or “loose” mind but none of the couch-lock or paranoia? Enter Delta 8 THC. I am not trying to drag you to a science class with that name.

It’s really quite simple:

THC splits into to 2 parts:

1. Delta 8 and

2. Delta 9

Delta 8 is the calm and chill without the couch glue and fear.

Delta 9 is all the things at the same time – standard weed effects.

The fact is most weed only has .01 % Delta 8 so there aren’t any strains (that we know of) that have a high amount of Delta 8. Most THC found in flower is Delta 9. However, if you did go to a science class or two you would be able to pull apart standard THC into Delta 8 and Delta 9 and you could create a substance of pure delta 8.

So, since there aren’t any flowers with pure Delta 8 THC around, the best option for getting this stuff is in a vape. Vapes are already great because there’s no combustion and you can easily control the dosage. Having a Delta 8 option is in my opinion the next level of vaping – the perfect cure for those of us wondering whether to toke or not to toke. There are simply no downsides to a pure Delta 8 option.

But, that’s not all folks. Some studies were done that found that THC increased the amount of acetycholine in the brain which for those of you non-neuro scientists, acetycholine, helps defeat dementia and Alzheimer’s by increasing memory and recall.

And yet another study was done where people with cancer who were experiencing awful amounts of nausea found that Delta 8 kept their symptoms at bay and made it possible for them to eat. These same test subjects also found their minds stayed relatively clear as a result of imbibing only delta 8 and not standard pot.

So in conclusion, what are the positives of Delta 8?

If you are the type of person who wants to stay sharp and alert but also chill and easy going, Delta 8 is the answer to your weed prayers. It is literally a scientific breakthrough that us stoners certainly should be able to appreciate.

If you’re looking for Sativa effects with the magical Delta 8, try this one.

If you’re looking for Hybrid effects with the magical Delta 8, try this one.

If you’re looking for Indica effects, try the pure THC or 1:1. The Delat 8 doesn’t really make sense for Indica strains!

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Delta 8 THC Vape Pens Explained

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