How to Find the Best Online Dispensary for Cannabis in Canada

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How To Find The Best Online Dispensary for Cannabis

What Makes the Best Online Dispensary?

Google best online dispensary and you will be slammed with an endless amount of results. Which one should you choose? How does a person decide what’s a good site?

The oldest most established sites will usually be at the top of the page. Pride of placement is a decent indication that the site has been around for a while and people respect and trust them.

To further narrow down your choices, you should actually visit some of the sites and check their inventory out. A good site will have a wide array of cannabis products. They should have high quality flowers as well as mid and low priced strains. If they only have one price range of strains, it be could be risky.

There are a fair amount of online dispensaries that routinely sell “washed” weed. This means the weed they are selling has had its THC stripped out of it through the use of solvents. Typically the wash process is used to make extracts/concentrates. The leftover flower is not meant to be smoked after it’s had a ton of butane blasted through it. The solvents will still be in the weed and the weed’s potency will be dramatically weakened. Beware of cheap weed promises!

Other indications of a good site is the presence of established growers. A good site will have healthy relationships with growers who are part of a culture dedicated to growing the best weed ever grown. Bud coming from the west coast of Canada will have lots of history imbued in its heritage. Finding the sites that are hooked up with these growers is key to getting the best online dispensary experience.

Customer service is important too. Checking reviews on reddit and Instagram can be helpful. Watch out for reviews complaining about late or delayed shipping as the real culprit isn’t that particular site but Canada Post and their less than excellent handling of logistics. Between straight up missing priority packages for days to weeks to sending packages to the wrong province, they out do themselves in the incompetence department.

Finally, good sites should have a good selection of vape pens/vape/extract products and they should have been made using high quality distillation methods. Cut-rate sites will buy from producers who use open-loop BHO distillation methods which are not only physically dangerous for the producer but also are not guaranteed to be free of solvents the way a professionally-made extract/vape product are.

If a site is selling everything for really cheap, it’s probably too good to be true. You don’t want to be smoking solvent-laden weed or solvent-imbued extracts/vape products. Stick to the established sites with the best selection of products.

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