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Sample Pack
1 Dino & 10 Full Spectrum CBD Gummy Bears
1 Dino
100mg THC total
3 Dinos
300mg THC total
6 Dinos
600mg THC total

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Introducing the 100mg THC Gummies Dinosaurs (100mg total in bag, 1 piece) that are also full spectrum. The active ingredients are baked into each individual dino so the dose is always consistent.

Sea to Sky 100mg THC Gummies are special because they are not dipped or sprayed but instead the active ingredients are baked in. This may seem like a standard thing that should always happen, but it’s in fact quite rare and when it’s done it makes for a more consistent dosing and high. THC Snake Gummies won’t just give you a consistent dose/high – they will also excite your taste buds. These slithering stoner meds are delicious!


100mg THC Gummies Info:

  • 1 dino per bag
  • 100mg of THC per dino
  • 10mg of CBD
  • 100mg total of  THC per bag
  • The sample pack contains 1 x 100mg THC dino + 10 x 5mg Full Spectrum CBD bears = 100mg THC total + 50mg Full Spectrum CBD total

Potent is the word of the day so careful not ingest more than you are comfortable with. Moreover, these gummies taste darnn good so watch out.

3 responses to “100mg THC Gummies”

  1. Shawn says:

    Strong THC

    THC ones here are strong, carry a knock out punch ad keep you couch locked. The CBD here are solid as well.

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  2. Brandon Abel says:

    Definitely buying again

    This dinosaur and the gummy worms put together took down my buddy and myself while trying to watch U.F.C. awesome stuff that comes with some serious couch lock. Good job

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  3. Mathieu says:

    Potent !

    These are strong and great tasting gummies. Will purchase again.

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