African Haze

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About the strain:
Low Med High

EVB's African Haze is a glorious sativa that is sure to energize the most jaded toker. Sculpted to perfection by one of the greatest growers in Canada: this flower is 1st rate smoke.

EVB’s African Haze is an amazing world class sativa grown to perfection and trimmed and maintained in a shell of protection so that it is minimally interfered with by air and jostling. A cross between Malawi Gold and JJ’s Nigerian, this is a great sativa that will give you a clean high which will maximize your energy and zest for life.

Got a project that needs doing but are lacking the motivation? Spark a bit of this flower and it’s off to the races. Issues with fatigue? This flower is known for it’s anti-fatigue properties. Depression will float away and transform your mood into a blissful state of ease when you imbibe this seriously beautiful and wonderful smelling herb.

Good sativas like this are hard to come by. This particular strain is also rare in that no one really grows it. EVB is not the type of grower to shy away from a challenge as they revel in bringing to life rare seeds. Not only is this flower rare but it is also an absolute treasure of a flower: stunning to behold/smell and a fantastic experience to smoke.

This flower is no different from a typical EVB flower: amazing smell, trim and nose. Nothing beats the quality of an EVB flower. The flowers from these guys are the true definition of AAAA weed. Unparalleled perfection.

In case you aren’t aware, all EVB flowers come in special containers to protect the delicate trichome clusters and to maintain trim integrity. EVB is the finest of wines in the flower world and we do our very best to maintain the superior quality of their products.

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Energy, Happy, Euphoric
Depression, Fatigue, Pain

6 responses to “African Haze”

  1. Joshua Shepherd says:

    Another true rarity

    Once again I am left speechless , these new strains are absolutely amazing. Definitely a must have for any conisour to have in their stash . Superb sativa .won’t be disappointed

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  2. Mathieu says:


    Smells nothing. Not too many trichomes. A bit disappointed in this one.

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  3. Aaron Williamson says:


    This evb strain is awesome would buy again

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  4. K S says:

    Tastes neat

    But man… not sure if those plastic bottles are that great… everything i get in those is always dry as hell. Dry weed sucks. Cant critique fairly if the buds come so dry if you pinch it it crumbles to dust… Gets 4 because of taste. Highs alright… was way too dry..probably too many stars

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  5. Bradley says:

    Bang on!

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Absolutely an African sativa, my favourite bud. The buds seemed the freshest I’ve had from EVB, the smoke was smooth on the throat, perfume and citrus 🍊 are prominent on the terps. Clear headed high with energy. Hairy, Airy and perfect trim round out my 5 star review.

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  6. Danielle says:


    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    African Haze is a boost of energy that lets me still think clearly while not letting me forget I’m high. It’s a smooth smoke that burns white ash as it lifts my spirits. It feels likes I’m a bee sucking nectar out of a flower.

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