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Introducing a major player in the BC craft cannabis scene: Valley Craft Cannabis. Specializing in original genetics, high THC and big, plump, dare we say, juicy buds. One of the first offering from Valley Craft is the Amazon strain.

The Amazon strain is a combination and awesome marriage between Florida Gold OG x Jew’s Gold.

The Amazon strain combines the effects of the Jew Gold strain of relaxation and restoration that you need after a long weekend of partying, or a long week of working hard. AND that of the Florida Gold strain: a potent Kush cross originally done by DNA Genetics, Florida Gold crosses Kosher Kush and Florida OG.

These outcome is dense buds that pack on stinky citrus, gas, spice, and pine aromas and flavours. Yum.

Effects: Relaxing, Calming, Restoring
Medical: Stress, Anxiety

THC: 26%

2 responses to “Amazon”

  1. K S says:

    Relaxing, calming, excellent smoke

    Gives me a nice relaxed, weight off the shoulders feel, calms my mind, and is a nice herb if youre into yoga or meditation. Everyone i shared wuth agreed its a nice calming smoke and buzz. Doesnt put you to sleep but allows for sleep.

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  2. Justin says:

    It's OK

    Not really the flavors I get, I was expecting a gassy lush earthy taste, it’s not, it’s almost like a cheese.
    It’s nice weed, just not what I was expecting. I like earth.

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