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Annihilator Bubba will blow your mind. This organic Hybrid (that leans heavy on the Indica side) will put you in a relaxation trance.

Annihilator Bubba is a king among hybrids (a genetic marriage between Annihilator Kush and Death Buuba), delivering powerful trance-like effects with an earthy, skunky/sweet aroma. This strong hybrid descends from the renowned line of Afghani Kush and Death Bubba, two strains that have gained legendary status among cannabis breeders, connoisseurs, and regular users.

Annihilator Kush’s happy, euphoric relaxation branches out in full-body effects that later ease into deep restfulness conducive for sleep.

Patients treating stress, pain, and nausea can benefit from Annihilator Kush’s potent relief, but less seasoned consumers should take caution with this hard-hitter.

Death Bubba’s sedative effects lock the consumer to the couch, unknotting tension and soothing minor physical discomfort with ease.

Marry both of those and you have yourself relaxation in flower. Super tasty and very smooth. Just a beautiful cure and trim on this one.

Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Sleepy

Medical: Insomnia, Headaches, Pain, Nausea, Depression

THC: 24%

3 responses to “Annihilator Bubba”

  1. Brendan says:

    Decent bud. Clean smoke. Not harsh.

  2. Shawn says:

    Nice smoke, nice buds. Chill high with a good body buzz

  3. Corey says:

    It gets the job done very Melo chill high

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  4. MetalFan says:

    As Expected

    This stuff gets 5 stars! I was surprised as this stuff busts up absolutely huge! I had one large nug that made 5 really large joints. A very nice trim job, the buds look great. A very satisfying, calming high. I would order again!

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  5. chris richardson says:

    Oh boy

    Careful with this one, heavy on the indica side but great for pain.

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