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Blue Guava is a dreamy 50/50 Hybrid strain, with a THC level of  20%. This strain is exclusively found in British Columbia and not to be missed.

Blue Guava brings forward a mix of Blue Dream and Guava Kush. A very dreamy couple with effects that make you feel as if you were flying around on a magic carpet, listening to your favourite music and eating fresh guavas.

This strain will make you more sociable because it slows down racing thoughts and reduces anxiety. Like we said, it feels like a magic carpet ride… pure BLISS.

The aroma is fruity, sweet, and tropical with a touch of earthiness with a similar taste once you inhale and exhale. The nugs are moderately dense with some fluffiness on the outside and sparkle due to its trichome blanket and orange pistils. Just look at the pics.

There is absolutely no couchlock in the relaxing effects. This flower can also increase creativity, making it an ideal strain whether used in the evening to wind down or hanging out with friends. Bring them along on your magic carpet ride, they’ll love you for it!

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Super Chill

Medical: Stress, Anxiety, Pain

THC: 20%

*Notes: if you are severely allergic to pollen or hay please do not purchase this strain as some of the terps mimic that of pollen and can cause allergic reactions.

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  1. Jérémie Lavoie says:


    I gotta say that if you want a strain to be able to continue your day this is the one!!

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