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About the strain:
Low Med High

This organic Indica dominant plant has dense buds with an earthy sweet smell. Cali Hashplant will creep up and provide you with a strong blissful high. QUADS of an OG strain baby... haven't seen this strain in years!

Cali Hashplant hits you right out of the gate with a strong head high that stimulates appetite and is followed by a creeping body high that can put anyone right to sleep – in order to avoid this from happening don’t over consume.

The smell is potent and you will notice this right away as you start grinding. The smells of this Cali Hashplant is very earthy and easily comparable to a Bubba Kush or a Death Bubba.

This is a fully 100% organic flower with a 21 day dark and very slow drying process.

Also, for some users you can expect to feel some sort of psychedelic effects. The reason we say “some” is because when Ash brought it to try out with her friends, only some of the users felt this feeling. One of the beautiful things about marijuana is that different strains have different effects on unique people SO try it out.

Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed
Stress, Pain, Depression, Lack of Appetite
About the vendor:
Kootenay Fire
20 Customer Reviews

Kootenay Fire prides themselves in being a sustainable British Columbia Marijuana force focused on indoor-grown cannabis. Our company and brand embraces British Columbian values and adventurous motives. We focus on small-batch flowers and masterfully crafted hashish that are meant to compliment all types of lifestyles.


Kootenay Fire is one of the finest recreational British Columbia Marijuana producers in the province. Their state of the art growing facility and YEARS of experience feature a cutting edge growing operation with rotating strains.

Kootenay Fire is bringing back the flowers that made BC Bud so popular.

17 responses to “Cali Hashplant”

  1. marihuana says:


    test review comment here

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  2. carl says:

    Great bang for your buck

    Smells delicious and it does the trick for a $160 ounce. If you want more premium flowers go for the premium ones fam.

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  3. Jean-Robert says:

    GHP !!! I Love Gummy's

    **I Always Use a Volcano Vaporiser at lvl 9, using 0.25g /Bag. ** I’m a big fan or Hash Plant because they have lot of THC on it. But this kind are still like mix with kush. So not cover as much i think with crystal, but have more a fruity taste that i expected. At 160$ really a nice one, Not stronger than MachoMan, but the buzz are smoother !

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  4. James says:

    Amazing Strain

    Very lovely deep dark buds that smell great but taste so much better than they smell. Great relaxed feeling that lasts a good amount of time. Instantly one of my favourite strains.

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  5. Robert says:

    Great Product, Great Price

    really happy with this flower, good smoking, good taste, and great price.

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  6. Paul says:

    Not bad at all!

    Good mellow high, smelled great! The price is nice too!

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  7. Justin says:

    Great Value

    Gets you high,really last long and great flavour

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  8. damien says:

    Très efficace

    Aide vraiment à couper les nausées rapidement et donne l’appétit que je recherche.

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  9. kamar says:

    vaped it

    taste delicious high as hell

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  10. Eric says:

    good tast for good price is not a higt flower but great buzz for litle price

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  11. Dylan says:

    Great medicine

    I love this strain for pain relief and sleep insomnia also munchies

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  12. Brian says:

    Cali Hashplant is no Afghani Hashplant....

    Appearance 8/10 light green buds with dark green leaf tips and some red hair, full dense buds that still have a lot of sponge to them, nice thick white crystal layer that is sadly not very sticky.
    Aroma 8/10 spicy and earthy with a bit of skunk, very similar to BC Hashplant.
    Flavor 8/10 again very close to BC Hashplant, my least favorite of all the amazing Hashplant strains out there, but still tasty, the vapor is very sparse and weak, disappointing for a Hashplant lover.
    Active effects 8/10 nice head buzz and an OK body high, Will work for pain and help put you to sleep.
    Overall 8/10 Looks OK but nothing like most Hashplant strains, smells and taste’s like BC Hashplant and does the trick.
    Dean when are you going to hunt down some Afghani Hashplant,Gummy Hashplant, Lemon Hashplant and the AMAZING Zen Hashplant?
    The people deserve it!

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  13. Matthew says:

    Cali goodness

    Always have enjoyed this one. Found it kind of a creeper.

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  14. Valentine says:

    Qualifies for the first joint of the day

    After several days, I found this to be a very nice strain as the coffee of the morning. The high begins with a light uplift in mood before you get into a stronger more enveloping high. The soft landing after two hours leaves you in a relax chill attitude. Not the strongest, it delivers a surprisingly a medium intense, which may be perfect for some occasions.

    The 4 Star is unfortunate as Golden Goat is a substitute that is better. So, is Citrus Skunk, for the community members who may have tried these strains. Both of these strains are 5 stars and the recent Citrus Skunk was an exceptional batch. Still, I would have his for those special occasion or the first coffee replacement.

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  15. Matthew says:


    Had this not long ago. Was pretty good actually

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  16. Sheldon says:


    Loved this one! I’m a fan of hashplant and this stuff definitely reminded me of why!

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  17. Bradley says:

    Great medicine

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    I’m a big fan of LBS Palm Tree on the legal market. They say it’s a Cali hash plant., if they are right this is twice as nice. Higher CBD strains are my favourite midday smoke and this one has the crown. Great grow

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