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Desert Star is a sweet and earthy 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain that offers a motivating, upbeat buzz to keep you productive and stress-free.

Exclusively available at Encanto Green Cross under the “Chong Certified” label, Desert Star is a treat for all the senses as it shimmers with a constellation of crystal-tipped trichomes.

This is the most true 50/50 hybrid strain we’ve ever come across. It might actually be the only one. You get that tingly euphoric feeling right away. Makes you want to keep hooting but remember there is no need to over consume. Save this gold. Then you get that lovely melting feeling where you might enjoy food or chilling on the couch or even going for a nice hot shower. It’s lovely flower.

Effects: Hungry, Sleepy, Tingly

Medicinal Effects: Depression, Nausea, Pain

THC: 19%

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2 responses to “Desert Star – Weekly Weed Deal”

  1. Joshua says:


    Nice big buds.clipped/trimmed nicely.Highly recommended to all.

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  2. Marty says:


    Does the job.

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