Full Spectrum Congo Refill Cartridge

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The vape product line from the Kindle Bloom grower: Organic Essence and the Congo Refill Cartridge. Congo is a 100% Sativa strain with roots from Africa.

The Congo refill cartridge is the perfect uplifting vape cartridge that works on both the cerebral and physical levels, while supporting a functional, focused experience. This drop is limited to only 20 cartridges.
  • 0.5mL per cartridge
  • THC: 418mg (76%) 2.34mg/draw
  • CBD: 45.5mg (1%) 0.03mg/draw
  • CBG: 18mg (3.3%) 0.1mg/draw
  • THC-V: 5.5mg (1%) 0.03mg/draw
  • Terps: 4.2% (1%) 0.03mg/draw

Full Spectrum CO2 Oil. Extracted from 100% organic cannabis flower. BVC Organic Cotton wick.

Congo Strain Information:

Perfect for daytime use with a guarantee to elevate and keep you going without burnout. Vancity Congolese being exotic, has a complex profile of strong spicy deep citrus flavors which makes it a special treat to taste. With its powerfully uplifting properties. This flower cultivated by Kindle Bloom is the number one choice for anyone interested in a strain to motivate, enliven and invigorate.

A great medicine for fatigue, stress, depression, anxiety and can even be used as an aphrodisiac

Effects: Happy, Calm, Euphoria, Appetite Supression
Medical: Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety

7 responses to “Full Spectrum Congo Refill Cartridge”

  1. Joshua says:

    Strong as hell!

    Extremely potent yet smooth.
    Great for nausea and headache.

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  2. tony says:

    Nice product

    I enjoyed this vap. Everything from the packaging to medicinal properties were good. Waiting on the other two kinds from kindle bloom. Ya should grab this one or Congo first as there at just a few of these kinds and plenty of the organic pink.

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  3. Andre says:


    This tastes so damn good no joke exactly like green Congolese UNBELIEVABLE!! This is way superior to SC only because of taste, hardware and extra medicinal benefits but price is

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  4. Andre says:


    .. A little steep but worth every cent. Buzz is a euphoria/ relaxed/ get up and go. Before i went out to walk my dog I smoked10 puffs) got ready shoes on and next thing you know was in the washroom shaving my beard lol excellit fking product 9/10 -1$

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  5. Kris Kiraly says:

    Very nice!

    Excellent packaging and cartridge quality !
    The buzz and taste are amazing also!
    The price is very high and i dont think i even got .5 it looks very small . still 4/5 stars though

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  6. Thomas Ruff says:


    Top Notch – Clean – Tasty – Potent

    Please grow me some High Grade Purebred Landrace Mexican Sativa

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  7. Thomas Ruff says:

    My Second Order

    Organic Purebred Landrace ‘indica-free Sativa’

    Thank you – Thank-you – Thank-you!!!!!!!!!!

    A rose amongst thorns – A veritable Godsent

    Now all we need is access to all the remaining ‘unspoiled’ Landrace Sativa Lineages

    Too much to ask for?

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