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Generic Weed Shake – It’s shake – you know the leafy stuff. This is great for making edibles and if you are a light-weight toker, you can vape or smoke it or sprinkle it on your joints/bowls. The price is right.

Generic Weed Shake – This is the shake from the bottom of a bunch of cheap weed bags. Not great, but not too bad. This stuff is excellent for making edibles or even big ole joints – it’s already busted up for you. Vaping this stuff is good too for the same reason.

All strains, all vibes, all at once are to be found in this product. Yes, these buds are not going to be moist; this is a dry product so please don’t complain. The fact is when you grind your buds, this is what the stuff looks like.  If you vape, this is pre-ground material you don’t have to break a sweat to prepare.

Think sativa, hybrid and indica all at the same time.

Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed, Energized, Hopeful, etc
Medical: Stress, Pain, Depression, etc

THC: 17%


  • Nose - 80
  • Cure - 80
  • Trim - 80
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6 responses to “Generic Weed Shake”

  1. Tyler Burden says:

    Happy with it for 75$ made some good budder

    Happy with it for 75 made a good 4gs of budder out of it

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  2. Jim says:

    Great shake

    This is great shake for the price. Made some very nice cookies. hehe

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  3. Rolando Moreno says:

    Nice deal

    Burn like a king no need of lighting all time . It’s like smoking a cigarette . Not too strong so I smoke a king pape and the job it’s well . 75 $ it a gift.

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  4. Sarah says:


    Great price for great shake! Not a bad morning smoke either!!

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  5. Exequiel Carcamo says:

    Good for making canna butter

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  6. Sebastian Gallucci says:

    Not bad

    Not bad .. lasted a super long time but wouldn’t purchase it again

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