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A Talisman is said to be charged with the force which it is intended to represent – cannabis known for it’s healing power. Introducing the very relaxing Talisman God x OG Kush vape refill cartridge.

God x OG Kush Vape Refill Drop: limited to 50 units.

68% THC – Quantity: 0.5 gram (Approx. 100 inhalations.)

About the Strain

A cross between God Bubba and OG Kush, God x OG Kush is a potent one. Could be described as a punch to the brain with an almost immediate euphoric lift that immediately diffuses any racing thoughts or mental pains. This sense of complete happiness will start to fade in and out of focus, leaving you easily distracted and out of it mentally.

The Talisman Process

Talisman Distribution is dedicated to providing our clients premium quality medical cannabis products, at competitive pricing. Refined through the latest equipment and technology, all of our pharmaceutical grade products are presented with Health Canada lab reports. Keep your eye on this vendor for all of our primo products coming down the pipe.

What is Supercritical extraction? 

Talisman CO2 vape cartridges offer a next level vaping experience.

It begins with fully flushed flowers grown in BC, free from pesticides and heavy metals. Using single pass cold extraction, a light and clean flavour profile is achieved without adding extra terpenes. All strains 65-75% potency with 2-4% CBG, giving them increased benefits when used to treat pain, anxiety, and other inflammation related issues.

The additive-free, ‘supercritical’ CO2 formulation is then paired with Ceramic Technology. The ceramic core enables our cartridge to work consistently with extractions of varying viscosities, and is compatible with a wide range of batteries. The increased cross sectional area reduces over-heating, preserving the battery and intended extraction flavour.

Pair with the South Coast Variable Battery for best results.

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  1. Joshua says:


    A must try product for all users. Very potent. You will not be dissatisfied.

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  2. Paul Paterson says:


    Such an amazing quality all around potent and quality product.

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