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Platinum Wheels is weed chocolate with 15mg of CBD per delicately crafted premium chocolate: Coffee & Cinnamon.

A little about the creators of this delicious weed chocolate: Grace Notes Chocolates.

The early pioneers of jazz music knew that gage lengthened time—allowing them to play the improvisations between written notes. Improvisations known as grace notes. At Grace Notes Chocolates we honour their story, the idea of lengthening time, fostering creativity, and making something beautiful.

Grace Notes are the finest gourmet cannabis infused chocolate edibles and confectioneries available on the market.  Eloquently handcrafted from premium natural ingredients by our confectionery chefs and chocolatiers, Grace Notes edibles are made with 100% pure cannabis oil.  Grace Notes are gently dosed and expertly flavoured as a harmoniously balanced riff on reefer songs of the past.

Packaged with 2 bon bons per box, each Hurricane is expertly crafted with 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC – a nice gentle dose that will take you to a place where your body is as relaxed as a hammock slung between two palms and your mind as fresh as an ocean breeze.

Product details:

  • 2 chocolates per box
  • 15mg CBD per chocolate (30mg CBD per box)
  • Flavour profile: Delivers beautiful notes of slow roasted coffee & cinnamon
Our recommendation for eating that delicious weed chocolate:
  • Start with a half or one weed chocolate and wait 45 minutes to an hour for it to kick in

Let us know what you think please and enjoy.

CBD Chocolate - Platinum Wheels Online Reviews
  • Taste - 95
  • Quality - 95
  • Effectiveness - 90
Comments Rating 4.73 (11 reviews)

11 responses to “CBD Chocolate – Platinum Wheels”

  1. Angel says:

    A taste of heaven

    These are worth every penny and I recommend them to everyone. They are like little bites of chocolate happiness lol.

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  2. Laurie says:


    Good flavor, not overwhelmingly sweet. Worked great on my aching body after hauling wood all day out of the bush. At the current cost it’s not something I’d buy all the time, but I’ll keep one or two on hand for special occasions ;)

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  3. Akeela says:


    mmm liked the taste of them and I have already recommended them to others because they enjoyed it and would order again thank you

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  4. Angel says:

    So delicious

    These are so delicious that i had to get more. These are little bites of awesomeness. Worth every penny. As long as you guys have them in stock I’ll keep buying them. Mmmhhmmm

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  5. Robert says:

    Taste like more!

    These have a great flavour. Great combo. Definitely will be getting more!

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  6. Mark says:

    Wish they came in a box of 12

    Awesome for my spinal pain that usually takes 5 pills tto get rid of the pain. Only one chocolate and ahhhhh

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  7. Aysia says:

    thank u

    popped one into my mouth and my aches n pains were gone-zo an hour later.

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  8. Aysia says:


    Aches and pains? Poof! Gone.

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  9. Leslie says:

    They tasted great! And they are discrete … Great for gift giving around the holidays

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  10. Mark says:

    SOOOO good and I love the pain melting awayI so much

    I can not say enough on how it helped me sleep for five hours in a row for the first time in 13 years. I will order more and more….

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  11. Scott says:

    Surprisingly effective!

    Wasn’t expecting too much from these before trying, I can say I noticed decent comfort and pain relief within an hour. Would try again.

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