Infused Iced Tea

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Due to high demand for edibles we’ve partnered up with GOC on an infused drink line. Introducing the THC Infused Iced Tea with 200mg of THC.

More delicious edibles for you. Introducing the THC Infused Iced Tea powder. All ya need to do is warm up some water or milk and mix the powder. Perfect for this time of year!

The details for the iced tea mix:

  • 1 drink mix pouch makes 2 cups
  • 200mg of THC per pouch
  • Get more than one as you’ll probably get vultured by your friends or family or whoever is around when you whip out this incredible drink mix. Perfect for the winter time.


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  1. Aysia says:

    I add hot water and then cut a slice of lemon for the cold weather and it gives me a great stone. Doesn’t taste too weed-y

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