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Jack Herer Shatter by Happy on special. $22 per gram for a limited time.

Our first drop of Jack Herer shatter by Happy is very nice. Has a great smell and is well purged. Shatter is flexible yet not too sticky.

Jack Herer shatter by Happy is an excellent sativa. The Jack Herer strain is a much renowned sativa created in the mid-90’s. It has won many awards since its creation. It’s known for encouraging creativity as well being uplifting and euphoric. The smell is fresh and piney further expanding the feeling of energy and euphoria. This strain is excellent for people who want to work on creative endeavors or simply don’t want to fall asleep after imbibing. Synonymous with great sativas, Jack Herer is much loved and if you are a sativa fan, you can’t go wrong with this terrific, super-famous strain.

Happy makes great shatter a great price. Check the reviews on their King Tut

THC: 60%

Effects: Energy, Focus, Happy, Euphoria
Medical: Stress, Depression, Anxiety

  • Taste - 87
  • Quality - 84
  • Effects - 85
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6 responses to “Jack Herer Shatter”

  1. Jared Bull says:

    For the price, it's alright stuff

    On the dark side of shatter and doesn’t have the best taste but for $23.33 a gram. How can you complain when it still hits the spot in a couple small hits. I think the king tut was actually a better batch

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  2. Bradley Winn says:


    Black as tar, taste okay with a good buzz.

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  3. David says:

    Does the trick pull'n'snap

    Bought 3 gms. Pretty dark stuff, pull n snap shatter. A quick visit to the freezer made this very easy to manage, pulls into nice strands to twax in a joint (goes a treat with the Purple Candy.) Agree that the King Tut shatter was the better of the High shatter, but this is pretty good for the price. Although you get the first hit ok, it’s really a bit of a creeper, nice buzz after 10-15 mins. Pleased with my purchase.

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  4. Mathieu says:

    All right

    Colour is a bit dark, but does the job intended

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  5. David says:

    Back again

    9 grams. Big chunk. Actually purplish when the light shines through it. Nice. A little different to previous, tarrier and stickier. Freezer and frozen tweezers (keep them in the freezer too) to work with this stuff, but it gets you pretty nicely wasted, and is good value. Still recommended.

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  6. Jay Myers says:

    Bought a 6 grams of this. Didn’t come packaged in individual grams like I’m used to and was a bit dark. Smoked great and can’t be beat on the price. Gonna get me some more.

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