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BRUCE BANNER, AKA THE HULK, AKA the Green Giant, AKA everyone’s favorite superhero is back and as a Weekly Special this time.

It’s backkkkkkk and as a WEEKLY DEAL! Bruce Banner, AKA the flower that will get you NICELY stoned, is now back in stock.

Bruce Banner has some incredible genetics. MVP style genetics. It’s a cross of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel which creates a very heady high because of the Sativa DNA but also has incredible relaxing and pain relief properties from the OG Kush. This being said, if you’re looking for a good time this is it.

Say goodbye to that chronic pain, say goodbye to that insomnia, say hello to a calm and peaceful mind. Maybe The Hulk wouldn’t be such a stressed out ball of anger if he just had some of this flower power.

This green monster also has hidden strength and features more of a wirey nug structure inherent to Bruce Banner genetics. BUT the THC content is insane and you can literally scrape off the trichomes. This is the definition of CAKED.

It’s a powerful strain whose effects come on quickly and strong and then tend to settle into a euphoric and creative buzz.

The Sativa effects of this strain are most evident and linger mostly in the head, but it does also provide body relaxation and pain relief that make it an appropriate daytime medication for some. It’s a win-win with Bruce Banner.

Note: the nugs on real Bruce Banner are more wirey than what you would expect due to the Strawberry Diesel in it. But holy great balls of fire is this flower caked in trichomes. Enjoy friends.

Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy

Medical: Stress, Depression, Pain, Fatigue

THC: 23%

NOTE: this is a weekly deal. This is not a premium bud. Nug size is average, the nose is PUNGENT, and the crystals are caked. BUT this is a weekly deal and it is a weekly deal because it is not a QUAD. This is a new batch of Bruce. No reviews have been written as of April 16, 2018.

33 responses to “Bruce Banner”

  1. Russell says:

    Thank you for bringing this back!

    Got myself 3 ounces. Fricken ya.

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  2. Brandon says:

    So amazing

    Just got mine in the mail , all I can say is this is amazing !! Aroma is 10/10 . Haven’t smoked yet but I’m sure that’s top notch aswell. The flowers are caked!! A must try for everyone .

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  3. Dylan says:

    One of my top 15 favourite strains

    Heavy hitter not for the beginner. Bruce banner introduces itself with a vast array of trichs and a very very unique woody british colombia mountain forest smell and a hint of berries or fruits. I recomend this strain for depression add autism pain in day time and eating disorders. The nugs are dense and the grower did a really good job because it is hard to grow a sativa dominant to this caliber thankyou kootenay fire boys. The nugs are dense with stringy leaves with a good trim job the nose on this flower is terpenes i havent smelled in a long time im gussing its mycene and limonene from the og and the gassy woody terpene from og but also the terpene from strawberry diesel a hint of fruity goodness. This cut of bruce banner is strawberry diesel dominant but it also shows a lot of og traits om the nose in particular. This is one of the best strains ive tried in a few months because its thc is very potent thankyou whitepalm please keep producing quality medicine for good prices much gratitdue for these strains. I would like to note this strain helped me with my eating and gave me motivation to eat a big meal cause of my depression this strains great for naseua i wake and baked this strain great day time medication. Warning this strain is not for beginers you will green out quick or induce panic if taken to big of a bong rip this ones a connisseuer strain top shelf product the bud doesnt get much better than this in canada folks
    Appearance/structure 8.5/10
    Smell/taste 7/10 (very unique)
    High 9/10

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  4. Sylvain says:


    Vraiment delicieux petit gout de fraise
    Très doux pour la gorge
    Bon buzz pour un hybride

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  5. Ren says:

    Solid Buzz

    Just enjoyed my standard: 0.23 g fine grind in a Raw Classic single-wide paper. Muscles are relaxed, joints releasing pressure and it’s a dynamic stone — changing as you change what you’re doing. Sleepy cozy when you’re sitting down on the couch and peppy when you’re trying to do something. Good times. Good job folks

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  6. Elias says:

    Hulk Smash!

    Everything I expected & then some… Delicious flavor & packs a great punch. A shame it’s already out of stock, I would definitely order Bruce Banner again & recommend it “highly.”

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  7. Liam says:

    Clear head

    Definitely relaxed my tense muscles and great for joint pain! Its a buy again for sure!!!!

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  8. stef says:

    Bruce Banner is good!

    I enjoyed it very much nice crystals. Ok for pain, a good day strain for me.

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  9. Leslie says:


    Good day yome smoke. It wasn’t debilitating and couch locked ish but rather it helped me to focus and block out extra non essential stimuli

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  10. Dylan says:

    One of my top strains

    I never tried strawberry diesel but i hope you guys can find that strain this is a very nice og cross one of my favs the best smelling and taste i have had in a while

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  11. Dylan says:


    This is not for easy lung it has a harsh smoke and very fruity and nice burn to it

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  12. Guillaume says:

    AKA very stoned

    bruce banner one of my favorite super heros become my favorite strain ! thank white palm for this nice strain hope you get more soon. the perfect strain for daytime.

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  13. Brian says:

    Looks and smells like a cross between juicy fruit and watermelon.

    Appearance 9/10 stretched out but still dense and sticky sativa’esque looking medium to dark green buds that are just oozing thick full resin glands covering every part of it. I have trimmed bud like this myself and it is a time consuming nightmare, they did a good job. Any excess leaf is great hash or oil making material.
    Aroma9/10 smells sweet fresh and sugary, if you told me that this strains parents were juicy fruit and watermelon it wouldn’t be hard to believe.
    Flavor 9/10 again sweet fresh and sugary, the vapor is thick and strong but not overpowering or rough pretty smooth with a nice strong exhale.
    Active effects 10/10 awesome wake’n’bake and daytime bud, uplifting energizing high that numbs pain and elevates mood, found it not as powerful later in the day but that’s ok because i have other stuff for the night.
    Overall 9.5/10 Daytime monster, decent for pain, taste and smell are sugary sweet and it looks real nice.

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  14. Jeff says:

    Brucey B

    Great aroma, heavy hitter, caked buds, crystals. Will definitely order again in the future. I’ve been waiting to try the south coast version, so hopefully I can compare the two.

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  15. Vincent says:


    smells amazing out the bag, crumbles easily to break up for a joint. nice strong buzz, great for afternoon and or night time.

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  16. Leslie says:

    Hulk smash!
    This was a delightful strain; very heavy hitter of a strain that was sparkling with crystals

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  17. Mike says:

    Good stuff

    Pretty happy with this stuff, it has a pretty good kick to it for sure. The smell is fairly strong, the buzz is better.

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  18. billy van scoy says:

    what o ya

    smoked a couple too stoned ill get back to u on this one

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  19. Andre says:

    Bruce banner

    Very nice flower, hard stone, smells delicious, tasted delicious 7.5

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  20. marcus says:


    This one is strong. Very strong. COATED in trichomes, With subtle fruity aromas that I can’t quite place. It’s almost good for daytime, but just a little too heavy behind the eyes, I think I’ll save this one for the evenings.

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  21. Sharina says:


    Definitely at the top of my list 10 all around on taste smell and stoned. Gives me the extreme munchies.

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  22. Phil Ghazal says:

    Wicked day high

    Wow, super good and great day high. Highly recommend for those who want to get the creative juices flowing.

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  23. Andre says:

    Thanks again!

    Delicious. Keep this WP

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  24. Kevin says:

    One of the best Sativas

    Lots of thc but no couch lock, this is my go to when cleaning the house or cooking,

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  25. George says:


    Getting very upset. Last couple order I always got super small spit down popcorn nuggets.. They are NOT as potent as healthier bigger nuggets.. If I was paying 110-120max a half Oz I wouldn’t complain… But this half Oz… Not a single medium size bud nvm bigger bud. Every single last one looked ripped, torn and man handled. This is numerous issues with the quality control for this price point. Don’t get me wrong, never had issues with the honey oil and stuff… But these super tiny ripped apart buds for THIS price is not worth it… Starting to rethink all of this… I stayed quiet but this time was the straw that broke the camels back… Not impressed.. Very stinky though regardless..

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  26. Jamie says:

    Too good to be true

    The smells the high both knock me out

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  27. Roderick says:

    Awesome little nugs

    I got small buds with a big kick !! WP carry some true AAAA strains and this is one of them . Can’t say anything bad about this strain .well done

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  28. Mark Bohan says:

    Potent little nugs

    Nice small sized nugs that are dense and potent. smells and tastes delicious.

    Visual appeal: 7.5/10
    Smell: 8/10
    Taste: 8.5/10
    High: 8.5/10

    Overall: 8.5/10

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  29. Katarina says:

    thick coating of trichomes

    Coated in trichomes with sour and tangy aroma. Smooth smoke, immediately hits you like a wall with a clear-ended euphoria

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  30. Aysia says:

    finally gave her a try....

    don’t know what i’ve been waiting for! such a pleasurable smoke, smooth and tasty. high is very uplifting. this stuff is poooootant.

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  31. Jason says:

    Like the energy

    Really enjoy this smoke

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  32. elsie says:

    Nice nugs

    Nice nugs, smells nice god effects great price no couch lock… would buy again

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  33. Ian Nairn says:

    Bruce Banner - I like it

    I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. I had some last year off of another site and it just didn’t play out. This time, price is attractive, good smell, nice high and gives me that euphoric state….but eventually sleepy. I would definitely buy it again.

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