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LA Chocolat brings the relaxation while still keeping you alert and capable of getting tasks done. Strong as they come, this one doesn’t take much to get you going.

LA Chocolat is a indica dominant hybrid strain that combines LA Confidential and Chocolope. Though it is heavy on the relaxation tip, this strain will also give you the will to keep going and make your sure your day is productive. Though if you smoke too much, you may find your ability to move from the couch/bed/hammock/lazy boy somewhat difficult.

LA Chocolat has a great smell with hints of coffee, chocolate and some extra special ingredients from mother nature.

If you don’t toke too much, expect to feel very relaxed, happy, uplifted and creative. Turn on the toke a bit more and you will become relaxation incarnate – welcome to chill town.

These buds are absolutely smothered to the max with crystals. Dense is the word of the day. This batch is potent!

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric

Medical: Stress, Depression, Pain

THC: 26%

14 responses to “LA Chocolat”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Just got my LA Chocolat yesterday and I was able to try it. Really love the smell and taste of it but wasn’t able to detect the aroma as describe more on the chocolate side i guess than coffee. As advertise, if you don’t smoke too much you will be able to be productive through the day which is great for a 26%.

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  2. shelby says:

    nice stuff

    i can’t figure out that smell maybe a little chocolate mixed with grapefruit? great high lasts long an very uplifting, calming. i get like a moldy after taste doesn’t mean its bad taste i don’t mind kind of earthy too, i looked over a bit couldn’t find any mold but i will update if i do, just got it. pretty darn leafy, i could prob pull close gram leaf of oz, big leafs no fuzz on them, at least from what i got. behind them buds though beautiful bud smooth smoke as well. 240 i’d say is fair maybe little less leaf but i could live with it. maybe they compensated on weight i never did weigh so who knows probably not though. haha

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  3. Shawn says:

    Good stuff

    Tarsty and smooth. Lots of shake in my bag but does the trick. Mellow if you smoke a bit, noce and toasty if you smoke a bunch.

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  4. billy van scoy says:


    very nice for the price will order gain great taste

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  5. Aysia says:

    sweet and smooth. a creeper for me. at first I’m talkative, then relaxation sets in (and sedation if you smoke too much)

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  6. Kris Kiraly says:

    Pretty good

    I like the taste and smell . not too happy with all the little tiny buds i got otherwise would have been 5 stars . very nice weed though !

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  7. Joshua says:

    Nice product

    Very nice flower.I personally get very fried off this one.Its a must try for all who like a good long lasting buzz.

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  8. Mike says:

    Not bad

    Nice bud, has a strong smell that gets very funky if you give it a nice pinch. As with the granola funk I don’t find too much of the smell works it’s way in to the taste. I found this stuff to be slightly harsh as well. It didn’t me hack my brains out but compared to the greasy blackberry I definitely notice a difference. I gave this and the granola 4 stars but would prfer to give them a 3.5

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  9. Matthew says:

    Oh man!

    This stuff looks so good. Great smell also! Good buy!

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  10. Jennifer says:

    Luv these nugz

    Nice smooth earthy taste, can’t say I experienced either coffee or chocolate but prob just my palate. After a bowl I am energized and want to kraft. It’s a nice high that I find makes you chatty not quiet and couch locked. Nugs were of average size and not too dry. Couldn’t beat the price of this bud for 26% either …. so win win :)

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  11. Maciek Mancewicz says:

    Nice taste

    Would buy again

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  12. K S says:

    smokes easy,

    Id equate this to a lite beer. Easy smokin, good for all occasions. Not too strong.

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  13. mike senchuk says:

    Nice cross

    I got a nice relaxing high where i could go either way . Just relax or do those damn dishes. So my anxiety is right down and i feel good . 1/2 gram joint to my self so 26% might be a stretch. But overall nice strain well worth a try. Like how relaxed and stress free i feel at the moment

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  14. Marty says:


    All good

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