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LA Confidential’s best attribute is its ability to eliminate stress. It will have you feeling like a hungry, happy, melting pad of butter without inducing couch lock.

LA Confidential is a cross of OG LA Affie and Afghani introduced by legendary DNA Genetics. It has a skunky scent that dissipates rather quickly. It’s calming effect will loosen up the mind and body.

Busy thoughts become slow paced and tenseness of the shoulders and neck area decompressed. It is an ideal strain for those with chronic anxiety and need of a good night’s rest.

WARNING: you might not really feel the effects at first but 10 minutes later it all comes on top of you like a tsunami. You’ll be thinking “wow I am ridiculously high right now my goodness” haha.

The taste of the herb is a sweet/marshmallow taste

LA Confidential cannabis strain: Order marijuana online Canada.

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