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A next level Sativa that delivers on energy, vibes and taste. Lemon Pie by the man himself, Mr. Snoop Dogg will keep you active while tantalizing your senses with its incredible nose. Discount already priced in to the product page :)

Lemon Pie is a new strain crafted from Skunk #1 and Amnesia Haze. A 70/30 Sativa dominant strain that gets you moving while still keeping you relaxed and stress-free. The smell of this strain is terrific sweet citrus smell.The quality of these buds is also excellent. This bud has a great trim, fantastic smell and is completely caked in trichromes/crystals.

There are few things better in life then the pungent odor of a citrus strain. Want to get all the stuff on your to-do list done while still having a smile on your face? This is the strain for you. Stay sharp while still being relaxed. Get active without getting moody. I could go on but you won’t really understand until you try it.

Effects: Euphoric, Uplifted, Focused, Happy

Medicinal Effects: Stress, Depression, Fatigue, Pain

THC: 22% *WARNING: there is a bit of burn on the leaves with this one due to a 3 week flush

17 responses to “Snoop Lemon Pie”

  1. Shawn says:

    Very Nice

    Nice buds, good smell, interesting taste. Very nice Sativa high, bit of a creeper.

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  2. Laurie says:

    Lemon pie?

    *Le sigh*
    I was really hoping for something great with this one. Sadly I was disappointed. If this is lemon pie, then I’m jumping ship. The taste was horrible! Kinda like moldy old gym socks that have sat at the bottom of a trash heap for a summer. Excuse me while I go brush my teeth.
    The resulting “buzz” was fine, but this one will probably sit in the back of my closet for a long time.

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  3. Kris Kiraly says:


    This stuff is different than anything ive ever smoked . its amazing. Very strong sativa with a long lasting buzz!. The taste is very unique and pungent
    5 stars for sure!!!

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  4. Joshua says:


    A must try for all who like a good long lasting buzz off just one hit. Great for migraines also and night usage is recommended for anyone who suffers from insomnia.

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  5. Matthew says:


    Snoop smokes this? I would have thought he had higher standards than this. Looks ok but. Not sure it’s for veteran smokers. Just my opinion tho.

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  6. Aysia says:

    great daytime strain. head high, little to no body high. uplifting for sure. not a fan of the taste, though….

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  7. Valentine says:

    This ain't Snoop Dog

    Tweed has the LBS brand which is the Snoop Dog strains. Sunset, an LBS strain from Snoop Dog, kicks arse! I had initially thought yea right Snoop the Man? But, Sunset tells me Snoop is the Man. He knows what is good. This is not Snoop quality.

    The taste is similar to LBS strains but LBS strains all taste the same because they are oven cured by Tweed. Shrug…don’t know what to make of that similarity.

    Sorry Highland. You have been hitting strains out of the Park lately but unfortunately this is not one of them. I still think about your Golden Goat. It does get you a nice sativa high in the mid range quality.

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  8. David says:


    Didn’t do it for me. Disappointing high.

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  9. Bill says:


    To each their own i guess but i Expected much better from the write up. Tasted like dry dirt pot and mild buzz. Not for me. Chronic smokers may be dissatisfied. I bought this weeks ago, half of it still …

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  10. Stephan says:

    Nice mellow Sativa

    Nice mellow strain but I’m looking for stronger strains and would probably not order this again

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  11. Evan Westaway says:


    I was really excited for this product. It’s a huge disappointment. It almost seems like I bought a 100$ worth of shake. The o’dules of weed looks ok smells like the real thing but with none of the other effects. Don’t buy this. There’s no way snoop would smoke this and I wonder if he knows his name has been attached to this garbage

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  12. Timothy Paupst says:

    Not for me

    Buds were mostly loose, kind of stringy. The flavour, which i didnt mind so much reminded me of grass.. very herby.
    Had to smoke a lot to get just a medium buzz. I would not purchase again. Went fast – was expecting something stronger for 22% THC. Felt more like 16-17%.

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  13. John613 says:


    This turned out to be a very big disappointment , very weak , even at $150 / Oz , not worth it have to consume too much to get a slight buzz… will not purchase again

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  14. Pierre says:


    This batch is made of popcorn dark buds with lots of rusty hairs and a nice smell
    Now i know why Snoop Dog always have a grin
    It’s fairly smooth as well and got a nice day buzz, but you got to keep at it, if not down you go !

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  15. Tara says:


    Was okay, good for daytime but kinda weak. I’ve had better hundred dollar ounces off of this site though, so can’t really recommend it.

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  16. Rick Rose says:

    Was alright

    Not the best, not the worst. Ok middle of the road type bud.

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  17. Veronique jacob says:

    Sizzle sizzle The noise it makes when smoking a joint

    This was alright but for the price I expected more. After trying lots of different strains at a cheaper price with better quality I was a little gutted with this strain but the buzz was a medium high and burnt well .

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