Master Kush Full Spectrum CBD Vape Refill

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Master Kush Full Spectrum CBD Vape Refill by HAPPY is a top shelf cartridge. Their new Hybrid Full Spectrum CBD vape tip will help you relax and deal with pain thanks to a new nano full spectrum product. The chillest vape in the game.

Checkout Master Kush Full Spectrum CBD vape refill, the latest vape strain by HAPPY.  Made with FULL SPECTRUM CBD nano powder and 90% pure THC distillate, this vape refill is very special. Typically, if a vape refill has CBD, it’s isolate, which absorbs into the body and a much lower rate than FULL SPECTRUM CBD. So you don’t need as much to feel the effects of the CBD with Happy’s version. Master Kush is an excellent indica for relaxation and pain relief so with added FULL SPEC CBD, it’s the perfect combo.

Master Kush Full Spectrum CBD Vape Refill

90% THC – Quantity: .5 gram (Approx. 100 inhalations.)

Full Spectrum CBD – Quantity: 100 mg:

26.62% CBD

  • 1% THC-V (not psychoactive)
  • 0.27% CBG
  • 1.44mg/g of Eucalyptol (anti-oxidant effects)
  • 0.17mg/g of Camphor
  • 0.24mg/g of Bisabolol

Although the Master Kush is an Indica strain, the full spectrum marriage provides very FOCUSED effects. Perfect for anytime, any day.

About the Extract

This is a quality distillate mixed with some of the best available organic terpesnes on the market and now a full spectrum nano powder. The all organic taste mixed with the perfectly rendered distillate, allows for an excellent flavour and high.

– Threading: 510 threading works with the South Coast battery. Will work with any standard vape pen/battery.

*NOTE: there will be some residue left over after you finish the vape juice. This residue is a bonding agent that protects the cannabinoids and terps from being damaged until you vaporize through it!

  • Taste - 95
  • Effect - 96
  • Convenience - 99
Comments Rating 4.56 (9 reviews)

9 responses to “Master Kush Full Spectrum CBD Vape Refill”

  1. Joshua says:


    Very good for relief of back and neck pain.
    A godsend.

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  2. Dylan says:

    An acquired taste I believe not waft I was expecting but I believe my cartridge may have had some contaminants or something. When I started smoking it tasted off and my oil turned super cloudy. Like when u mix water with clean motor oil. I messaged pictures to dean he didn’t seem to respond to that part of the email just that cbd tastes funky maybe true mine tastes like plastic and Pinsole. That being said the effects are good.

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  3. Dylan says:

    Disregard last post now that I know it’s the bonding agent that I’m seeing in my tank I felt better about smoking it and I. Ave to it’s really truly a one of a kind blend it makes u feel absolutely wonderful and tastes pretty good once get used t it solid product and thank you dean for clearing that up sorry I didn’t read the fine print haha insert facepalm lol

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  4. Jessica says:

    Great for pain

    Cannabis doesn’t usually help with pain for me, but I was experiencing excruciating menstrual pain and decided to give this a try. WOW. It really works! I love that White Palm has a full-spectrum CBD cartridge, because CBD is so amazing for inflammation and anxiety – and I can use this easily during the day. I wasn’t expecting it to have amazing pain relieving effects, too. I hope this stays around forever!

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  5. Kristopher Andersen says:

    Tastes Great

    Wicked vape right here

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  6. Amber says:


    Definitely one of the more superior cbd vape cartridge, great for anxiety

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  7. Kris Kiraly says:

    Very nice!

    Very nice and really potent stuff here !!!
    I actually really like the taste and the effects are phenomonal and veryfast acting ? 5 stars for sure!

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  8. Brett Pickrill says:


    I picked up one to try with my regular order of cartridges. I opened it up and hauled on it right away… … WOW it hits you hard!! After the second haul I was getting that tingling feeling in the back of my head.
    Just ordered more of them. Perfect for my back and hip pain too.
    Thank you WhitePalm

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  9. Keiran O'Haire says:

    Hot damn!

    One of the first ones I ordered and I keep coming back to it. Tastes like lemons, super delicious, and such a good feeling afterwards, I can’t even explain. Just buy it already

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