Organic Juanita La Lagrimosa

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Juanita la Lagrimosa is an amazing high CBD Sativa dominant strain from the Bodhi Seeds. Limited to 60 grams on this drop.

Offering a clean cerebral energizing effect that keeps you calm, focused, social, active and creatively inspired. This exotic strain has roots that are Mexican and Afghani on the male side and The Reina Madre as mother.

Beautiful deep flavours of sweet fruit, citrus, lemon, pine, earth and hash/haze with a slight floral undertone highlight Juanita’s rich terpene profile. With a definite Sativa dominant look of golden shimmering trichomes and red hairs, as well as all the benefits of a purer Sativa this strain is not to be missed!

Juanita will keep you clear headed and uplifted, sustaining your energy, motivation and enthusiasm. Perfect for dosing anytime of day, morning, or night. Medicinally speaking this strain, packed with CBD is incredible at helping relieve a wide variety of ailments. Helping to treat inflammation, pain, stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, muscle spasms/cramps, arthritis and much more.

Effects: Happy, Uplifting, Energy
Medical: Stress, Pain, Depression

THC: 16%

CBD: 6%

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