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About the strain:
Low Med High

Pink Birthday Cake is a Indica-dominant Hybrid cross between Kush Mint and the daughter of Birthday Cake and Pink Kush. Has some crazy genes! And yes, it tastes as delicious as it sounds.

First of all, let’s just take a second to appreciate the genetic masterpiece that is the Pink Birthday Cake strain. Just like it’s father Kush Mint, the aroma and taste is the first thing you’ll notice with this one. What does it taste like? Beautiful sweet cake. The flavour brings back memories of awesome birthday parties haha. Fun and social.

The second thing you’ll notice is how beautiful the nugs are. Clear crystal trichomes cover fluffy oversized forest green nugs with rich amber undertones.

The high is very relaxing and blissful. It will have you kicking back and day dreaming about your favourite things in life. It starts with a warming tingle in the spine and then fills you with a sense of deep relaxation that flows through your body until you are 100% calm in both mind and body.

Be aware though that this strain genetically does not produce massive nugs. The nugs are small to medium. This doesn’t mean it’s a lesser strain – the effects and potency are top, top, top shelf. Wait until you see the trichomes.

Cali Bliss Grower Information:

We need to give a little background information on the growers of this beautiful Pink Birthday Cake strain. Cali Bliss is the new grower team on the block. These guys are heavy hitters and we’ve been waiting roughly a year and a bit to stock some of their strains. They focus on real and true California genetics but with their own twist. Some strains take years to get to the point where these guys are happy with them.

Relaxed, Bliss, Euphoric
Chronic Pain, Depression, Nausea
About the vendor:
Cali Bliss weed brand Canada
Inspired by California weed genetics and strong cannabis culture. The Cali Bliss squad spends years perfecting their strains before releasing them to the public.
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14 responses to “Pink Birthday Cake”

  1. Ken says:

    Pink birthday cake

    Very nice super coated buds and just like the pic shows .a-1bud for first smoke of the day 4 sure .taste a 10 .buzz it’s a creeper 8.nice job cali bliss

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  2. Matthew Close says:

    Happy Birthday and Tickle Me Pink

    This is a beautiful looking flower, frosty white and inviting. It smells sweet like honey, with some hints of fresh cut grass. Flavor is also sweet, not as flavorful as I was hoping for but really enjoyable for sure. Very nice buzz, seemed to last a long time.

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  3. Bob says:


    This stuff is CAKED. Matthew is right in the aroma. Honey and fresh grass. Almost want to try steaping it into some tea haha. I think I was stoned for 3 hours off 1 joint and I am super chronic.

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  4. Jennifer says:


    Everything was as described. YumE little nugs that pack a punch yet don’t leave ya couch locked. Recently broke my arm and this strain is way better than any lame pain pill… Would buy this again in a heartbeat ?

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  5. Roger Martyn says:

    Happy Birthday

    Great Product. Nice tight nugs. I found it more on the Sativa side of things and just one joint left me with dry eyes and a wonderful long lasting buzz. Would highly recommend.

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  6. Hayley Di Bon says:

    Nice strain - helps with pain!

    First of all the buds are lovely, very light coloured crystal filled exterior and sweet smelling as mentioned in previous reviews. My husband suffers from chronic back/hip pain and this strain actually managed to make a dent where most wouldn’t. Myself, I enjoyed the well balanced high and a break from him complaining :).

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  7. Mike says:

    Nice surprise with these buds. Taste and smell are unique. Great high. Makes me want to try more Cali Bliss strains.

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  8. Sebastien Coulombe says:

    Pretty nice strain

    Pretty good for daytime smoke. The high is moderate, meaning you’ll feel it but it wont prevent you from doing what you have to do.
    These nugs are COATED in trichomes and well trimmed. Sweet with a piney undertone ,Pink Birthday Cake is a great buy

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  9. Brittany Allison says:

    Beat my expectations

    This was a great strain. The taste was great, the smell was something they should make air freshener out of and the high was perfect. And absolutely beautiful bud.

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  10. Jonathan says:

    Good Stuff

    Coated nugs, good taste and pretty nice high. Though it would have been a bit stronger on the buzz but all around it is pretty nice medecine :)

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  11. Danielle says:

    Pink lemonade dresses up as a cake

    It smells like cake when I open the bag. It tastes sweet and sour like pink lemonade. After 10 minutes, I can feel the high behind my eyes. Leaves me feeling upbeat in my mind and calm in my body all at once. Also makes me crave birthday cake ?

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  12. Kevin Abbott says:

    Pink Cake!

    Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

    Great product. Looks and smells amazing.
    This one i use as a great day timer. Great high that leaves you with a burst of energy.
    Very little burn out.

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    • MaCyber says:

      Light the Candles

      Does Product Matches the Description? Yes

      Do not use if you have a 5 gallon tub of ice cream in the freezer. You may wake up regretting decisions you made under the PBK effect ;)

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  13. Yanick says:

    P.B.C. Surprise

    I’m a regular customer of WP, I had asked for a small surprise and they sent me some Pink Birthday Cake, Tasty smoke with a smooth exhale and long lasting high vs. other similar strains.
    It’s a nice twist for your selections!

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