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Predator Pink is an Indica-dominant Hybrid with a lovely tropical-smelling bouquet. Creativity and concentration are some main effects but with some nice numbing and pain relief attributes as well.

Predator Pink is a special Indica-dominant hybrid in that it helps to relieve minor pain and anxiety but it also has the bonus aspect of boosting creativity and concentration. So it is like a sativa but without the racey, intense feelings that are normally associated with such a flower. The delicious fruity flavour and smell will intoxicate your tastebuds/ol factory senses even before you toke.

Rarely seen, it is not grown very much because of its complexity and its somewhat lower THC average. Don’t let that throw you off this amazing strain as the effects are still very strong and unique. The entourage effect is well expressed with this flower as even though the THC level is not super high you will still get super high. :)

Those suffering from chronic anxiety should consider looking to this strain as it won’t overwhelm you and allow you to focus on getting tasks completed. Artists and other people who rely on their creativity in their day to day will also greatly benefit from this terrific, tropical-smelling flower.

Effects: Energy, Creativity, Euphoric
Medical: Stress, Pain Relief, Anxiety

THC: 19%

  • Effects - 92
  • Trim - 90
  • Smell - 91
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