Silver Space Cookies

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Another BC original: Purple Space Cookies. The purple and green buds of this flower are beautiful but its potency is what makes this specimen a winner.

Silver Space Cookies is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid strain originating from British Columbia, Canada. A cross of its parents, Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poison but with a little add of Silver Haze influencer.

It features dense and prominent crystals. The aroma of Silver Space Cookies tends to be sweet and grape-like with undertones of pine and earthiness. The experience of Silver Space Cookies is often described as euphoric and relaxing accompanied by a boost of energy, making it a perfect strain for social environments or mid-day smoking.

This potent strain is used by many to treat their chronic pains and aches as well as stress and depression.

Though pretty dry due to it’s growing conditions (outdoors), this is some very decent smoke. It’s potent and still maintains a nice earthy smell. You really can’t miss with this one.

Effects: Uplifting, Happy, Euphoria

Medical: Stress, Depression, Chronic Pain

THC: 17%

4 responses to “Silver Space Cookies”

  1. Jared Bull says:

    For a $110, Pretty good

    Has a nice smell that hits you as soon as the bag opens and even more when you break it up. Buds are medium to large with a light green color and nice orange hairs, one bud though was a very dark purple that smells and tastes the same as the green buds. High is nice and mellow, not a couch locker but definitely nice for the price

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  2. Steven Dyni says:


    I mean I just smoked this first thing in the morning and it immediately helped my stomach !! Tastes good and smooth too.
    I can honestly say I like everything I have tried so far from White Palm .
    Thank you everyone.
    Very mellow and relaxing.

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  3. Brandon Abel says:

    I love outdoor

    This did not disappoint, its dry but that’s been advertised and leafy. But it’s still covered in crystals and has a great high that lasts for a good amount of time.

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  4. Veronique jacob says:

    good smoke

    This was a good smoke a little harsh on the throat but all in all was very good .

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