Supercritical LA Confidential Refill Cartridge (91% THC)

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A limited edition South Coast product: the LA Confidential Refill Cartridge.

WOW, the LA Confidential Refill Cartridge can have powerful psychedelic effects in some users. It’s fantastic for any activity… for watching movies, for bedroom fun, for cooking, for eating, for talking…. for anything!

LA Confidential Effects

We almost kept these to ourselves haha. There’s only 20 available right now. LA Confidential is a well-rounded strain that delivers a fast-approaching sensation that is both psychedelic and super calming on the mind and body. For newer users seeking relief, LA Confidential can both put you to sleep and treat any sort of pain.


91% THC  – Quantity: 0.5 gram (150-200 inhalations)

The South Coast Process

At South Coast, they do not add pesticides or fungicides to their BC-grown plants. What allows them to have the cleanest, most effective, and safest medicine in the world is the Sunshine Coast environment, their science and respect for a proper process, and their respect for the Cannabis plant.

What is Supercritical extraction? 

The Supercritical method is based on a low-temperature and high-pressure process to ensure that the extraction process does not damage the profile of the plant. Our Supercritical concentrates are the best of the best – no solvents are used, only natural CO2.


10 responses to “Supercritical LA Confidential Refill Cartridge (91% THC)”

  1. Nick says:

    Yes this is the one

    I can only say good things about the La confidential refill 91% thc please restock this I will be back for more ??

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  2. Mohamad says:


    Definitely one of the top Vape extracts ever. I can’t believe there was only 20. this should be a regular. And dont increase the price, please.

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  3. Aysia says:


    This will get you stoned really quick. Love this product

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  4. Leslie says:

    Lol feels like floating but you know takes you up at jet speed and you kind of just hang there and ya it’s great lol

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  5. Kenneth says:


    The best thing I can say about La Confidential is it lives up to the staff’s description above.

    I will add that if you’re on the fence about getting the South Coast battery and refills, hop off, grab a battery, this LA Confidential and join me where it’s 72º (22.22ºC) and sunny every day. This is my first experience with the South Coast refillable system and so far it’s been great. I love the discreet size and worry-free nature of the disposable vape pens for out-and-about, but wanted more bang for the buck and greater reliability. And SC delivered.

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  6. Tyler says:

    A good choice

    This one was great, works excellent with southcoast battery, two hits and your comfortable, but take as many as you like ;)

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  7. Matt says:

    Pop pop

    I was not expecting his to kick like it did. Really enjoyed the high. Got an energy boost from it and felt great.

    High-ly recommend it ; )

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  8. Rod says:


    The third hit from you guys, 3 different kinds, 3 winners, that I’ve purchased from yous. Smooth taste, very flavorful, couple draws and you’re off, lol! Yous make it so-so easy to medicate small, discreet, big bang for your buck keep up the good work.

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  9. Bradley says:

    Must have got the last one

    I don’t think they have a bad cartridge everyone including this one is amazing.

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  10. Danny says:


    nice buzz

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