THC Gummy Edibles (100mg THC)

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Sweet Bud THC gummies are delicious edibles with infused THC (100mg THC).

Sweet Bud THC gummies are powerful, delicious gummies that taste just like the ones you get from 7-11. Seriously.

These candies are special in that the THC is infused instead of sprayed so you know you are getting the same dose every time you have one of these. Also, there’s no loss of THC during transit or left stuck to the bag!

We have 6 different variations available all served at random.

Also, there are ZERO preservatives so keep them in the fridge or the freezer until you are ready to consume them.

Gummy information:

  • 10 x 10mg (fully de-carbed) gummies


Review THC Gummy Edibles (100mg THC) Online
  • Taste - 95
  • Effects - 95
  • Convenience - 95
Comments Rating 3.71 (7 reviews)

7 responses to “THC Gummy Edibles (100mg THC)”

  1. Shawn says:


    Look and taste like real sour keys. Need a couple to get me going but nice clean and long buzz. Good product.

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  2. Jarvis Calkins says:

    Some of the worst edibles I’ve had

    Really poor quality edibles. Very experienced and some of the worst gummies I have had

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  3. Jeffrey Baker says:

    They did the trick

    I had the water melon gummy’s I ate the full 100 mg and man was I feeling good can’t wait for more

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  4. peter says:

    Fuzzy Peach

    These gummy’s tasted like fuzzy peach candy and the 10mg thc have a good kick for me.I have a pretty high tolerance so 2 give me a nice buzz for two to three hours very tastey.

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  5. Brandon Abel says:

    Better than G.O.C edibles

    Still not what I’m looking for, but definitely felt a huge difference in comparison to the g.o.c candies. Would have to buy 3 bags worth to truly achieve enlightenment.

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  6. Mathieu says:

    Great tasting!

    A bit expensive, but totally worth it.

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  7. Matt says:

    Review: Fuzzy Peach

    Pro: Candy tastes exactly like Fuzzy Peach
    Con: Zero potency/effect for myself

    For context, I vape dry herb 2-3 times a day. If you have low tolerance or are just starting out, I say give it a try. If you get high often, I would steer clear. Two stars given because the flavour of the gummy was very good, but the effect (and reason for me buying it) was nonexistent.

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