Zkittlez Juul Refill Pod

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Kindle Pop Presents their 500mg THC Zkittlez Juul Refill Pod. Get ready for a maximum Indica experience from a totally discrete delivery system.

THC Zkittlez Juul Refill Pod

– Quantity: 500 mg THC

The Zkittlez Juul Refill Pod from Kindle Pop brings you the famous cup-winning profile of what justly can be said, smells like a freshly-opened bag of skittles. Blended with a heavy amount of Beta-Caryophyllene, as well as moderate amounts of Linalool, and Humulene, this mix is definitely a treat.

If you enjoy a blend of fruit, citrus, and herb, then the Zkittlez pod from Kindle Pop is the way to go. The ultimate chill-out pod for lazy days at home, this blend soothes and calms while maintaining energy and clarity. If you enjoyed the subtle flavour of the Molly’s Peach.

Kindle Pods

Juul-friendly disposable cartridges filled with 0.5g THC distillate and flavoured with 100% food-grade terpenes from single source organic botanicals. No other ingredients, period.

When it comes to purity of extracts, THC distillate is the benchmark. When it comes to formulating distillate into a functional vaping oil, food-grade, organic botanical terpenes are the healthiest option. And when choosing a vaping device, Juul has come out of the industry as the now go-to standard. It probably has to do with the ultimate discreteness of such a tiny personal vaping device. Our Batteries could almost pass as a key chain! They are small, easy to hold, and provide puffs with just a little more discretion than most other batteries and vaping devices in the marketplace today.

The kindle pop vaping pods fit all Juul-compatible batteries, and do not work with the 510 threaded standard.
**For best vaping experience: puff 3-4 times in a row to get the vapour production up to max. Hold vapour in lungs to absorb terpenes-rich THC distillate, get your money’s worth! This is not for cloud chasing. Let the ceramic coil cool between sets of puffs.. the pod has an unobstructed hollow chamber from top to bottom, if the flow of air on your first puff seems restricted, you can poke a needle through that hole to allow some air to pass through, at which point it will vaporize steady again. Our batteries are designed without buttons or moving parts, just puff to activate. They look almost like something you’d find on the starship enterprise. Kindle Pop juul-friendly distillate pods are your new tool for discrete medicating.

Please keep in mind this refill will not work with a standard 510 vape battery/pen. You will need a Juul compatible battery. These batteries are fairly easy to come by at most tobacconists and many convenience stores. If you are still unsure as to where to find a Juul battery, here is a handy link for locating one nearest you: https://www.juul.ca/en-CA/locator.

THC Zkittlez Juul Refill Pod

Effects: Relaxed, Chill, Happy

  • Effects - 94
  • Taste - 95
  • Discretion - 99
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