Weed Edibles Guide: Dipped Vs Made from Scratch

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Weed Edibles Guide: Dipped Vs Made from Scratch

A short and sweet weed edibles guide. When you are going thru the many weed edible options on your favourite dispensary site, you might have difficulty trying to decide which will be the most potent option.

A regular person might just assume that whichever company says they have the most THC is accurately portraying their product/s so that is why we wrote this short weed edibles guide. Just for you.

That seems to make sense. BUTTTT who is to say that particular company claiming X amount of THC in their gummies isn’t fudging the truth or even straight-up lying? OK, let’s assume no gummy manufacturer lies about their products. What criteria would you use for deciding which gummy is going to get you the highest – every time you consume one?

To answer that question, one needs to know the difference between a dipped edible and an edible that is made from scratch.

A dipped edible is normal gummy most likely purchased from a warehouse-style store that has been sprayed with or dipped into THC distillate. Sounds fine you think? Sure, these aren’t all bad since the gummies themselves are made in food-safe facilities and there are an appropriate amount of preservatives in them. However, the dipping process is not perfect as the distillate dissipates/evaporates – it disappears from the gummy over time – leaving that gummy almost useless in the “getting high department”.

What a bummer.

So, you want to get a gummy made from scratch. HOWEVER, now you are dealing with the inverse problem: the risk of a lack preservatives (mold central) and other random issues related to non-food safe environments. For the most part, mold and a stray human hair or two is all you are going to have to deal with. And, typically these homemade gummies are HELLA potent as they actually have the amount of THC they claim to have.

So really the best kind of gummy is from scratch but made by someone who is careful AND knows what the heck they are doing. READ THE REVIEWS. They are out there but your gummy selection in terms of viable proper inebriation by THC probably just shrunk by about 80%.

If you recognize a sour key in your dispensary window because it looks like the ones from the corner store, they most likely have been dipped and won’t be that good. If the brand is something you haven’t seen on the civilian streets, and it has no reviews mentioning funky extras, that’s what you should be zeroing in on for your MJ medicinal needs.

In Conclusion

GOOD edibles: made from scratch and are infused with the cannabinoid

Bad edibles: existing candy dipped in the cannabinoid

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